1. Open the Company you require.
  2. Back Up your current Company data, as this will be restored at Step 5.
  3. Restore or rollback the most suitable back up
  4. Submit an Update Event to REMOVE the relevant Balances from the INCORRECT ABN for all Employees this current year.
  5. Restore the backup you created in Step 2.
  6. Print an Employee Transactions Report to determine the balances which need to be migrated to the new Company once it is created.
  7. Copy your Company.
  8. Update the Company Information, including the NEW ABN
  9. Request a NEW Company Registration Key from us
  10. Enter your Company Registration Key
  11. Add the new Company (ABN) into your existing SuperChoice account.
  12. Enter the Employees’ YTD Taxation Balances using the Employee Transaction Report from the original Company.
  13. Submit an Update Event to report ALL YTD Balances, including the amendments
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Last modified: Mar 28, 2023