Select Awards & Agreements > New Award or Agreement

The following window will be displayed,

Select the Award from the drop-down menu

Enter the Award/Agreement Classification. eg. Level 2, Year 2.

In Type, select Casual.

In Hours, enter the maximum WEEKLY working hours.

Enter the Base Hourly Rate in Per Hour Paid

Change the number of Days s required.

Select Superannuation.

Enter the Employer SG percentage in SG ( % or $ ).

Select SG on Salary Sacrifice as employees are entitled to earn Superannuation on their Concessional (Before Tax) Superannuation Contributions.

Select Super Rules.

If the Employee is subject to the Under 18 or Domestic or Private Worker Employer SG Rule please complete Rules – WeeklyNo Payment if less than
Employees under 18

Domestic/Private Workers

Select Accruals

Select Long Service Leave

Enter both the Years and = Weeks entitlement of Long Service Leave and if required, change the Accrual Method

Select Save

Select Exit

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Last modified: Jul 29, 2022