1. If your Company is open, Click File > Close.
  2. Click Help > Update Software Serial Number (SSN)
  3. Enter your NEW Software Serial Number (SSN) as provided to you in your e-mail from us.
  4. Click OK
  5. An alert will display: The Licence file can NOT be located.
    1. If the above alert is NOT displayed, please manually load your new Software Licence File.
  6. Click Click Here to Continue.
    1. If your licence is located on the server and can be downloaded without issue, the following alert will display: Licence File has been processed successfully..
      1. Click Click Here to Continue.
    2. If your licence cannot be located on the Server, the following alert will display: The file could not be located on the server. Please contact e-PayDay Support.
      1. Request a Support Call here.
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Last modified: Apr 14, 2023