What is the Audit Log?
The Audit Log is a .CSV document which contains the following information, providing a User Access Account has been established,

  • Date of Action Performed
  • Time or Action Performed
  • The user account that performed the action
  • STP File Created (Pay Event, Full File Replacement, Update Event, Final Event, Update Final Event)
  • File creation success
  • Legal Entity Name the file was created for

Why is it required?
Audit Logging is a mandatory part of the Operational Framework requirements, which aims to strengthen the security of the digital taxation and superannuation ecosystem. The Framework is part of the ATO response in recognizing and responding to the risks associated with Digital Services Providers (like ourselves) transmitting information and defines a minimum set of security standards which must be met.

How do I generate my Audit Log?
Please follow How to do I generate my STP Audit Log for review?

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Last modified: Mar 18, 2020