1. Click Employees > Edit Employees or
    Click Employees from the Side Bar.
  2. Navigate to Pay Status.
  3. Deselect Employed (and Ceased if previously selected).
  4. Select Inactive
    If no employees are displaying, request a Support Call here.
  5. If there are employees displaying once Inactive is selected, click Search.
  6. Navigate to Search In.
  7. Select Termination Date.
  8. Navigate to Replace selected item/s with… and enter a Termination Date.
  9. Click Replace.
  10. An alert will display You need to Select Records to be Replaced.
  11. Click Select all Employees to replace the previously completed Termination Date to all inactive Employees or
    Click Go back and select Records to replace the Termination Date individually.
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Last modified: Jul 29, 2020