1. Copy your e-PayDay BE Folder.
  2. Paste into the new Location.
  3. Open the e-PayDay BE Folder.
  4. Open the e-PayDay BE.ini to update the following
    1. ParentDataPath= to the new location (eg. D:\e-PayDay BE)
    2. Save and close the e-PayDay BE.ini
  5. Open the EPD Folder.
  6. Open the required. EPD to update the following
    1. DataDirectory=: Update the DataDirectory=:the new location for the company data. (eg. DataDirectory=D:\\e-PayDay BE\Data\Company Name)
    2. Save and close the Company.EPD
    3. Repeat the above steps for all Company.EPD’s you require access to.
  7. Download and Install e-PayDay®, read here
  8. Update your Software Serial Number (SSN) and load your Licence, read here.
  9. Register your Company or Companies, read here.
  10. Enter your Company Registration Key/s, read here.
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Last modified: Mar 07, 2023