From Version 19.50, you can easily view each of your Single Touch Payroll submissions from within e-PayDay®!

To view the information included in each of your Single Touch Payroll submissions,

  1. Click Tax > STP > Review STP transactions.
  2. Select the Send transaction you would like to view (click once to highlight)
  3. Click Data Sent
  4. View an example of the information included in;
    1. a Pay Event here.
    2. a Full File Replacement Event here.
    3. an Update Event here.
    4. an EOFY Event here.
    5. an EOFY Update Event here.

e-PayDay® Single Touch Payroll Transactions Window

STP Transactions Explained

  1. Message UUID: Unique Identifier which is completed once the File is sent via SBR2.
  2. Action: Send and Receive.
    1. Send is a submission you’ve created in e-PayDay®.
    2. Receive is the ATO’s response to your previous submission.
  3. Type: STP = Single Touch Payroll.
  4. Folder: Name of the Folder which contains this STP submission.
  5. Created: Date the STP submission was created.
  6. Processed: Date the STP submission/response was sent/received via SBR2.
  7. Cancelled: Date the STP submission was marked as cancelled by e-PayDay® Support.
  8. Client ID: Client ID with our previous SSP, NO LONGER USED.
  9. Trading Name: Legal Entity Name of the Company the STP submission is for.
  10. Description: STP Submission type which has been created (Pay Event, Update, Full File or EOFY).
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Last modified: Jul 07, 2022