Unpaid SG will display any unpaid Superannuation Contributions until the transactions are either;

  • Transferred to another Superannuation fund by following Transfer Unpaid Super Amounts
  • Marked as paid by following Pay Super. These transactions are then transferred into Payment History

Super Manager - Unpaid SG

  • Employee: Employee Name.
  • Member No: Super identification number for the employee.
  • Posting Date: Pay Run Posting Dates for each period which Superannuation was required to be paid.
  • SG: SG Contribution amount for the employee.
  • c/fwd: Displays a $ amount if the previous superannuation period was marked as paid BEFORE all pay runs for the reporting period were completed.
  • c/fwd. + SG: Total carried forward superannuation contributions plus the SG Contribution amount for the period.
  • RESC: Total Reportable Employer Superannuation Contribution (RESC) – specifically contributions (over 10.50%) as part of an employee’s individual salary package and Total Concessional (Before Tax) Superannuation Contribution Deductions.
  • Sort by
    • Employee DBID: Sort the Unpaid SG History by the Employees Database ID
    • Employee Code: Sort the Unpaid SG History by the Employee Code
    • Employee Surname: Sort the Unpaid SG History by the Employees Surname
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Last modified: Aug 29, 2022