There are several different ways payroll can be processed, depending on your requirements. The most common procedure is,

  1. Individual Employee (including allocation of Hours to Cost Centres), read here,
    1. Individual Employee Cessation (Termination), read here)
  2. Read here to obtain the Pay Run Reports, ensuring the payroll information has been correctly entered.
  3. Read here to print, export or e-Mail your Pay Slips once the pay run reports have been reviewed and confirmed to be correct.
  4. Read here to create a FAST-Bank™ File (if required)
  5. Read here to post the Pay Run,
  6. Read here to submit your Pay Event to the ATO & complete any previous submissions which the ATO have not yet responded to.

You have the option to compose the pays by

  1. All/Selected Employees, read here
  2. Importing a FAST-Pay™ File, read here
  3. Manually entering Times in e-Time™, read here
  4. Importing Times and manually assigning Pay Types in e-Time™, read here
  5. Importing Times and interpret using e-Award™ in e-Time™, read here
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Last modified: Mar 25, 2022