e-PayDay® Payroll Software - New Deduction Window

The Deduction Window contains the following options;

  • Help: Opens the relevant section of our online guide (this).
  • Undo: Undo any unsaved changes.
  • Save: Save changes to an existing Allowance.
  • Exit: Close Deduction window.
  • Pay Type Details
    • Details
      • Active: Denotes whether the Deduction is Active (ticked) or Inactive (unticked).
      • Type: Deduction.
      • Description: Name of the Deduction.
      • Deducted By
        • Per Day
        • Per GST Hour
        • Per GST Lump Sum
        • Per Hour
        • Per Kilometre
        • Per Lump Sum
        • Per Month
        • Per Pay Period
        • Per Unit*
        • Per Unit – Punnet*
        • Per Week
      • Amount ( $ or % ): Set $ or % the employees will receive for this Allowance
      • Variable Deduction Amounts from Employees: Each employee has a unique deduction amount which is set in their profile.
      • STP Code
        • Fees
        • Workplace Giving
      • Tax Treatment
        • Itemise this Deduction for reporting to the ATO
        • DO NOT itemise this Deduction for reporting to the ATO
      • Tax
        • Salary Sacrifice (Deduct BEFORE Tax is calculated): This Deduction is to be deducted before Tax is calculated.
        • Payroll Tax: Denotes whether this Pay Rate contributes to Payroll Tax
        • FBT: This deduction contributes to FBT.
          • Factor
            • 0: Not Subject to FBT
            • 1.8868: Benefit provider is not entitled to claim GST credits
            • 2.0802: Benefit provider is entitled to a Good and Services Tax (GST) credit
          • Type
            • Airline transport
            • Board
            • Car
            • Car Parking
            • Debt waiver
            • Entertainment
            • Expense payment
            • Housing
            • Living-away-from-home Allowance
            • Loan
            • Property
            • Residual
            • Tax-exempt body entertainment
      • Reporting
        • Report to: Depending on the Deduction Type chosen, Report to will prefill. This field is used when generating reports such as the Deductions Report and also allows user input.
        • FBT
        • Loan
        • MBF
        • Social Club
        • Superannuation
        • Union
        • Workplace Giving
      • Accruals
        • Long Service Leave: Long Service Leave will accumulate if set in the Award & Agreement.
        • Annual Leave: Annual Leave will accumulate if set in the Award & Agreement.
        • Superannuation (OTE): Superannuation will calculate on Ordinary Time Earnings.
        • RDO’sRDO’s will accumulate if set in the Award & Agreement.
        • % of OTE : Set % the Employee will receive.
        • TIL (Time in Lieu)TIL (Time in Lieu) will accumulate if set in the Award & Agreement.
        • Personal Leave: Personal Leave will accumulate if set in the Award & Agreement.
        • Contributes to the $450.00 Rule: This Pay Type will add to the employee monthly gross wages for super calculations.
        • Union/Professional association: Union or Professional Association fees.
        • Super Deducted before tax is calculated: Super will be deducted from this pay rate before tax is calculated.
        • Workplace Giving: A donation from the pre-tax income.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021


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