1. Check each Employees Address to ensure all the relevant details have been completed (Typically this error is displayed when a Payee has an International Address or the State / Country is missing)
    1. Click Employees > Edit Employees or Click Employees from the Side Bar.
    2. Select the employee to edit (click once to highlight).
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Confirm each of the following fields contains a value
      1. Address.
      2. Suburb/City.
      3. State.
      4. Post Code.
      5. Country.
    5. If any changes were made, click Save then Exit
  2. Check each allowance to ensure there are no invalid characters in the description (eg.$)
    1. Click Pay Types > Edit Allowance or Click Pay Types from the Side Bar
    2. Select the Allowance to edit (click once to highlight).
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Change any details as necessary.
    5. Click Save then Exit.
Revision: 14
Last modified: Jul 14, 2022