• Details
    • Pay Period
      • Fortnightly
      • Monthly
      • Weekly
    • Date Hired: Employee/Employer relationship started
    • Job Title: Position held by the employee
    • Award: Award or Agreement ID
    • State: State of Employment
    • Status
      • Casual
      • Commission
      • Full Time
      • Part Time
      • Salary
    • Special Award Rate $: Where the hourly rate is more than what is defined in the Award or Agreement
    • Nominal Base Gross Wages / Salary: Annual Salary based on the Award they are linked to
    • Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Gross: Gross Wages for the selected pay period
  • Custom Employee Alert
    • Alert Date: Reminder date for the specific event.
    • Alert Message: A custom alert can be manually entered or choose one of the predefined alerts.
      • Visa Expires
      • Probation Period Ends
      • Change Award
      • Update Award
      • Last Day
      • Retired
  • Comments (Additional Information): Additional Information regarding their employment
    A total space of 32,000 characters is available (carriage return/enter is equal to two characters).
    • Save: Save changes
    • Undo: Undo any unsaved changes.
    • Date Stamp: Add a Time / Date stamp to indicate when the comment was added
    • Print: Print the complete Comments history
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