• Details:
    • Active: Indicates whether the Award is Active (ticked) or Inactive (unticked).
    • Award: Award & Agreement Title to be displayed on the Pay Slip.
    • Description: Name of the Award or Agreement.
    • Classification:  Position Description.
    • Type
      • Full Time
      • Part Time
      • Casual
      • Salary
      • Commission
    • Hours:  Average WEEKLY working hours.
    • Hours Paid at $: Hourly Rate.
    • Days Per Working Week: Number of days worked.
    • Nominal Base Gross Wages / Salary: Annual Salary.
  • Hours Paid at Annual Increase Settings
    • Date: ‘Hours paid at’ will be automatically increased on this date.
    • $ or % to Increase by: Specific $ or % that the ‘Hours paid at’ will be increased by on the specified date.
  • Reminder to Change Award Setting
    • Prompt On
      • Anniversary of Birth.
      • Anniversary of Date Hired.
      • None.
      • Specific Age.
      • Specific Years of Employment.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021


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