• Weekday and Weekend Shifts
    • Selected Shifts: Displays the corresponding ID for each shift allocated.
    • Available Shifts: List of available shifts will display.
  • Public Holiday Shifts
    • Selected Public Holiday Shifts: Displays the corresponding ID for each Public Holiday shift allocated.
    • Available Public Holiday Shifts: List of available Public Holiday shifts will display.
  • Shift Rules
    • Shifts MUST be at least a MINIMUM of 0:00 (hh:mm) apart: Minimum number of hours required between each shift.
    • Minimum hours per week 0.00: Minimum number of hours.
    • Maximum hours per week 0.00:Maximum number of hours.
    • Apply Maximum/Minimum setting during merge times in TimeCard?: Automatic adjustment based on the above rules.
Revision: 5
Last modified: Nov 26, 2019