1. Open the relevant Company Archive by following How do I open a Company Archive?
  2. Click File > End of Financial Year > Step 2 – Print End of Financial Year Reports
  3. Select Payment Summaries.
  4. Navigate to Report Selection Criteria.
  5. Select Report by and select from the required options;
    • All Business and Personal Services Income (A4)
    • Selected Business and Personal Services Income (A4)
    • All ETP (A4)
    • Selected ETP (A4)
    • All foreign employment (A4)
    • Selected foreign employment (A4)
    • All individual non-business (A4)
    • Selected individual non-business (A4)
    • All where ABN Not Quoted
    • Selected where ABN Not Quoted
  6. Click e-Mail.
  7. The e-Mail Status window will display and as each employee is emailed their payslip, the Status will update from Sending to Sent.
  8. Once all payment summaries have been emailed, click Click here to ContinueExit then Exit again.
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Last modified: Apr 17, 2020