1. Register for SuperStream here
  2. If you haven’t already, ensure your Employees are linked to the correct Employer and Member (if applicable) Superannuation Fund in e-PayDay® by physically checking their Employment file (the returned Superannuation choice form) against the assigned super fund n the software.
    1. Read here to print the Employee Masterfile report to confirm which Super Fund your Employees are assigned to and make corrections as required.
  3. Read here to change your SuperStream File Format setting for the e-PayDay® Gateway
  4. Read here to enter the SuperStream Details for each of your Superannuation Funds
  5. Read here to enter the Company SuperStream Details
  6. If you wish to pay your contributions by FAST-Bank™ (aba file upload), read here to enter your Company Banking Details, OTHERWISE
  7. If you would prefer to pay your contributions by American Express, sign up to Reward Pay here
    1. Once your account has been established, read here to enter your RewardPay Customer No into the e-PayDay® Gateway

Once the above steps have been completed, please follow What do I do at the end of each Superannuation Contribution Period?

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Last modified: Aug 24, 2023