1. Click Pay Day > Process Pays > Individual Employee or
    Click Pay Day from the Side Bar.
  2. Navigate to Pay Period and select the Unposted Pay Run drop-down list.
  3. Confirm if you can see BOTH a Posted and Current Pay Run for the same dates.
  4. Ensure the Pay Run was not supposed to be posted before completing the below.

  1. Navigate to Payment Date and adjust accordingly.
  2. Navigate to Period Ending Date and adjust accordingly.
  3. Double click on an employee who needs to be paid this pay period.
  4. An alert will display: Pay Run Dates have been changed. Please choose one of the following options.
  5. Select Change Payment Date to xx/xx/xxxx and Current Period Ending Date to xx/xx/xxxx.
  6. Click Click here to Continue.
  7. Once the Employee’s Pay Envelope opens, make any changes as required then click Save.
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Last modified: Jul 30, 2020