Awards and Agreements define the conditions of employment such as an employee’s classification, hourly rate, weekly hours and accruals. Every employee in e-PayDay® must be linked to an Award, however, two or more employees can be linked to the same Award when their employment conditions are the same (e.g. Employment Type (Full Time, Part Time etc.) & Accruals are identical).

Access to your Awards & Agreements is available through the Awards & Agreements Menu or through the Sidebar.

The Awards & Agreements List Window contains the following options;

  1. New: Add a new Award & Agreement.
  2. Edit: Edit an existing Award & Agreement.
  3. Duplicate: Duplicate an existing Award & Agreement.
  4. Search: Search and Replace information.
  5. Exit: Close the Awards & Agreements List Window.
  6. Quickly and easily view the Award & Agreement
    1. ID
    2. Active/Inactive setting
    3. Type (Casual, Commission, Full Time, Part Time or Salary).
    4. Award Description
    5. Award Classification
    6. Total working hours per week
    7. Hourly Rate
    8. Annual Salary
    9. Annual Annual Leave Entitlement
    10. Annual Long Service Leave Entitlement
    11. Annual RDO’s Entitlement
    12. First Year Personal (Sick) Leave Entitlement
    13. Annual Personal (Sick) Leave Entitlement – after the first year of Employment
    14. Superannuation Percentage
    15. Set $ of OTE for Super
    16. OTE Hours
    17. % of OTE
  7. Sort by Type (All, Casual, Commission, Full Time, Part Time or Salary).
  8. Display only Active and/or Inactive Award & Agreements.
  9. Soft by Number, A – Z and Type.

The Awards & Agreements Window contains the following options;

Award: Conditions of employment.
Superannuation: Entitlement to Super.
Super Rules: Conditions which must be met before superannuation is applicable.
Times: Base Hours for use in e-Time™.
Shifts: Shifts allocated for use in e-Award™.
e-Build™: Under Development (BERT, BUSS & CIPQ).
Help: Opens the relevant section of our online guide (this).
Edit: Make changes to the currently open Award & Agreement.
Undo: Undo any unsaved changes.
Save: Save changes to the currently open Award & Agreement.
Exit: Close the Award & Agreement window.

Annual Leave: Number of Weeks Annual Leave entitlement and Accrual Method.
Personal Leave: Number of Days Personal Leave entitlement and Accrual Method.
Long Service Leave: Number of Years & Weeks Long Service Leave entitlement and Accrual Method.
RDO / TIL: Number of Days RDO / TIL entitlement and Accrual Method.

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Last modified: Nov 26, 2019