• Details
    • Name of Person ceasing Employment: Person who informed the employee that their employment is to be terminated.
    • Position: Position of the person ceasing the employees service.
    • Reason for cessation of Employment
      • Alteration of a Contract
      • Bankruptcy or liquidation of the employee
      • Breach of Contract
      • Death of the Employee
      • Dismissed
      • Express terms in a Contract
      • Fixed-project Contracts
      • Fixed-term Contracts
      • Frustration of an employee contract
      • Illness or incapacity of the Employee
      • Mutual consent
      • Other
      • Redundancy
      • Resignation
      • Retirement
      • Transfer, merger or takeover of a Business
      • Effected by
      • Consent
      • Notice
      • Other
      • Summarily
    • Comments (Cessation Information): Additional comments
    • Cessation Date: Final working day
    • #: Warning ID
    • Date: Date warning was given to the employee
    • By Whom: Name of the person who issued the warning
    • Details: Reason for the warning
    • Witness (if applicable): Name of the person who witnessed the warning
    • New: Add a new warning
    • Edit: Edit an existing warning
    • Delete: Delete a warning
    • Save: Save changes
    • Undo: Undo any unsaved changes
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021


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