There are two windows the e-mail settings can be stored in, being GLOBAL SMTP e-Mail Settings and Company SMTP e-Mail Settings. We recommend establishing GLOBAL SMTP e-Mail Settings UNLESS you require unique Company SMTP e-Mail Settings If both Company and GLOBAL SMTP e-Mail settings are established, the Company settings will be used in place of the GLOBAL settings.

Ensure that ONLY ONE of the following is completed, and is up to date

GLOBAL SMTP e-Mail Settings

  1. Click Options > Configure GLOBAL SMTP Email Settings.
  2. This window should store your up to date SMTP settings.

Company SMTP e-Mail Settings

  1. Click File > Edit then Preferences or
    Click File > Company > Company Preferences.
  2. Click e-Mail Settings.
  3. If this window has details AND you DO NOT require unique Company SMTP e-Mail Settings, click Clear.
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Last modified: Jul 30, 2020


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