Back Pay, Commission, Bonus (A)

e-PayDay® Payroll Software - Schedule 5 Method A (Default Pay Type)

Back Pay, Commission, Bonus (A) can be used for any additional payments made regardless of the financial year the additional payment applies to, and includes all back payments, commissions, bonuses or similar payments. Learn more here… Generally speaking, Superannuation (OTE) and Accruals (Annual, Personal, Long Service, RDO’s and TIL) do not accumulate on back payments, commissions, bonuses and similar payments, however, these setting can be changed at any stage if they are applicable in your circumstances.

All payments made using this type will be calculated using the base rate, from the following sections, in the following priority;

  1. The Employees Advanced Pay Set Up unless Calculate Base Rate on Advanced Pay Settings is selected,
  2. The Employees Special Award Rate,
  3. The Employees Hours paid at $ in their Award & Agreement.
  4. Alternatively, the Pay Type can be edited to set the rate or simply changed by entering the rate during a Pay Run.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021