A unit pay rate allows employees to be paid on a unit basis and the total number of units should be entered during the pay run. However if a Per Unit Pay Rate is used during a Pay Run and the accrual method (set within the employees’ award) is set to Per Hour Pro-Rata, the accruals will NOT calculate on this Pay Rate.

  1. Click Pay Types > New Pay Rate or
    Click Pay Types from the Side Bar, Navigate to Pay Type, click on the drop-down menu and change to Pay Rate then click New.
  2. Enter the Description.
  3. Select Per Unit or Per Unit – Punnet in Paid by.
  4. Enter the Amount ( $ or % ).
  5. Select Ordinary Pay in Pay Rate Type.
  6. If required, change the following fields,
    1. Tax
      1. Payroll Tax
    2. Reporting
      1. Report to
    3. Accruals
      1. Long Service Leave
      2. Annual Leave
      3. Superannuation (OTE)
      4. RDO’s
      5. Personal Leave
      6. Union/Professional association
      7. Super Deducted before tax is calculated Before ticking Super Deducted before tax is calculated, please obtain advice from your Accountant/Bookkeeper or the ATO.
  7. Click Save then Exit.
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Last modified: Nov 21, 2019