Unused Annual Leave + Loading (Redund)

e-PayDay® Payroll Software - Redundancy Termination / Cessation Annual Leave and Loading (Default Pay Type)

Unused Annual Leave + Loading (Redund) is used as part of a Redundancy Cessation (Termination) Pay Run, where an employee is being ‘paid out’ the remaining Annual Leave hours that they accumulated since their date hired which will be taxed as a Lump Sum A payment (Unused Annual and Long Service Leave).

All payments made using this type will be calculated using the base rate (multiplied by 117.50%), from the following sections, in the following priority;

  1. The Employees Advanced Pay Set Up unless Calculate Base Rate on Advanced Pay Settings is selected,
  2. The Employees Special Award Rate,
  3. The Employees Hours paid at $ in their Award & Agreement.
  4. Alternatively, the Pay Type can be edited to set the rate or simply changed by entering the rate during a Pay Run.
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Last modified: Dec 23, 2020