Unused Annual Leave + Loading (Redund)

e-PayDay® Payroll Software - Redundancy Termination / Cessation Annual Leave and Loading (Default Pay Type)

Unused Annual Leave + Loading (Redund) is used as part of a Redundancy Cessation (Termination) Pay Run, where an employee is being ‘paid out’ the remaining Annual Leave hours that they accumulated since their date hired which will be taxed as a Lump Sum A payment (Unused Annual and Long Service Leave). Generally speaking, Superannuation (OTE) and Accruals (Annual, Personal, Long Service, RDO’s and TIL) do not accumulate on Cessation (Termination) Leave Pay Types.

All payments made using this type will be calculated using the base rate (multipled by 117.50%), from the following sections, in the following prority;

  1. The Employees Advanced Pay Set Up unless Calculate Base Rate on Advanced Pay Settings is selected,
  2. The Employees Special Award Rate,
  3. The Employees Hours paid at $ in their Award & Agreement.
  4. Alternatively, the Pay Type can be edited to set the rate or simply changed by entering the rate during a Pay Run.
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Last modified: Jul 16, 2020


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