e-Personnel™ enables you to store and maintain additional personal information regarding your most important resource, your employees. These additional details can now be easily accessed from the one location;

  • Keep an Unlimited Number of Emergency Contacts: You can keep as many Emergency Contacts (Next of Kin) as you require for each employee. There is also a facility to keep multiple phone numbers for each contact.
  • Employee Contact Directory: Maintain multiple Telephone and Internet contact details. Easy access to Home and Business numbers as well as pagers, internal business extensions and e-mail and web addresses.
  • Customise You Own Global Data Entry Fields: For additional information, you can set your own data entry fields. Up to ten (10) global fields may be named. You can have fields for entry of Drivers Licence numbers, References, medical conditions (allergies, blood type etc), Employee Professional Memberships or anything else you may require. Once set these are available in all the Employee records.
  • Maintain Additional Medical Information: To comply for situations where you are required to keep additional medical information regarding your Employee. You can now keep information including Vitals, Health Cover Details as well as general information.

Access to HRM Information (e-Personnel™) is available through Employee/s.

The e-Personnel™ Window contains the following options;

  • Contacts: Emergency (Next of Kin) Contacts
  • Directory: Additional Phone numbers and e-Mail addresses for the Employee
  • User Defined: No longer used
  • Medical: Employee Vitals and Private Health Insurance details
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Last modified: Nov 26, 2019