What is happening and why?
Due to Single Touch Payroll and the new Government Security requirements, all users of e-PayDay® Payroll Software MUST log in to the software itself with a Username and Password from Version 18.20. User Access Accounts are required for Audit Logging which is mandatory under this new legislation. Auditing was originally introduced from Series 12, by starting with your Company not automatically loading when e-PayDay® is opened.

What will happen when I open e-PayDay® after installing V18.20?
The following alert will be displayed,

Click Click here to Continue. The following alert will then be displayed.

To assist you, a default Username and Password (as displayed above), will be used by e-PayDay® Payroll Software until an appropriate User Access Account has been created.
Simply click Ok when the alert is displayed to continue using e-PayDay® Payroll Software.

What is a User Access Account?
A User Access Account is a set of credentials specifically for your use, to gain access, use and submit data to the ATO from the e-PayDay® Payroll Software.

What will happen if I do not set up a User Access Account?
From a future release, you will be unable to gain access to your e-PayDay® Payroll Software without a User Access Account.

How do I add a User Access Account?
Please follow Where do I set up a Username and Password (User Access Account) for e-PayDay®?

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