1. Re-instate the required employee.
  2. Click Pay Day > Process Pays > Individual Employee or
    Click Pay Day from the Side Bar.
  3. Navigate to Payment Date and change to the date the payment will be processed.
  4. Navigate to Period Ending Date and change to the date the pay run will be processed.
  5. Double click on any employee that is to be included in this out-of-cycle Pay Run.
  6. An alert will display: Pay Run Dates have been changed. Please choose one of the following options.
  7. Select Change Payment Date to xx/xx/xxxx and Current Period Ending Date to xx/xx/xxxx.
  8. Click Click here to Continue.
  9. Click Cancel to close the open Pay Envelope.
  10. Select the Employee who requires Termination (click once to highlight)
  11. Click Cessation.
  12. Click Yes to confirm that this Employee will be ceased once the pay run is posted,
  13. Enter the date of termination of the selected employee.
  14. Click Click here to Continue.
  15. Select the required Cessation Pay Rate Types from the options listed below, adjust and/or remove any Pay Rates, Allowances and Deductions that are pre-loaded and/or add new Termination / Cessation Pay Rates as necessary.
    1. Unused Annual Leave + Loading (aft 18/8/93)
    2. Unused Annual Leave + Loading (bef 18/8/93)
    3. Unused Annual Leave + Loading (Redund)
    4. Unused Annual Leave (aft 18/8/93)
    5. Unused Annual Leave (bef 18/8/93)
    6. Unused Annual Leave (Redund)
    7. Unused Long Service (aft 17/8/93)
    8. Unused Long Service (16/8/78 – 17/8/93)
    9. Unused Long Service (bef 16/8/78)
    10. Unused Long Service (Redund)
      1. If any of the above Leave Cessation Pay Rate Types are selected, an alert will be displayed for you to enter the Employee’s normal Pay Period taxable earnings. If you are unsure which earnings amount to enter into this alert, please contact your Accountant / Bookkeeper for advice.IT IS VITAL THAT AMOUNT RECORDED IS AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE AS THIS WILL AFFECT HOW TAX IS CALCULATED FOR THIS FINAL PAY. For more information, please visit Schedule 7 – Tax table for unused leave payments on termination of employment
      2. When processing Termination Leave, we recommend entering the Leave Dates as the Cessation Date unless otherwise required. If you do not wish to enter Leave Dates for Termination / Cessation Pay Rates, please follow How do I disable recording my Employees Leave Dates upon Cessation / Termination during the Pay Run?
    11. Redundancy And Early Retirement Payments
    12. ETP – Life Benefit (17%)
    13. ETP – Life Benefit (32%)
    14. ETP – Life Benefit (47%)
    15. ETP – No TFN (47%)
    16. ETP – Foreign Resident / No TFN (45%)
    17. ETP – Death Benefit (Dependant – 0%)
    18. ETP – Death Benefit (Dependant – 47%)
    19. ETP – Death Benefit (Non-Dependant – 32%)
    20. ETP – Death Benefit (Non-Dependant – 47%)
  16. Click Pending or OK to save all changes.
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Last modified: Mar 13, 2023