If your Employees Leave Entitlements are not accruing,

  1. Read here to verify which award the Employee is linked to.
  2. Ensure the Award they are linked to has been updated with the correct entitlements and Accrual Method for
    1. Annual Leave,
    2. Personal Leave
    3. Long Service Leave and/or
    4. RDO’s / TIL
  3. Check the Paid By setting in each of the Pay Rates you use for this Employee
    1. Print a Pay Rates Report, by Specific Employee.
    2. Access each of the Pay Rates listed on this report to check the Paid By setting
      1. If the Accrual Method in the Award was set to Per Hour Pro-Rata and the Paid by Setting in the Pay Rate is any of the below, Leave will not accumulate.
        1. Per Day
        2. Per GST Hour
        3. Per Kilometre
        4. Per Lump Sum
        5. Per Month
        6. Per Pay Period
        7. Per Unit
        8. Per Unit – Punnet
        9. Per Week

Once the correct entitlements and Accrual Method have been allocated as required, please follow either

  1. How do I use the Accrual Calculator to recalculate my Employees Accruals as they were not set up OR set up incorrectly? OR
  2. How do I manually recalculate my Employees Accruals?
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Last modified: Sep 08, 2020