1. Select Pay Day > Process Pays > Cessation Pay or
    Select Pay Day from the Side Bar.
  2. Select the Employee to cease (Select once to highlight).
  3. Select Cessation
  4. Enter the Cessation Date then select Click here to Continue.
  5. Select the appropriate Cessation Pay Rate Types from the options listed, adjust and/or remove any Pay Rates, Allowances and Deductions that are pre-loaded and/or add new Termination / Cessation Pay Rates as necessary.
    1. If a Leave Cessation Pay Rate Type is selected, two alerts will be displayed
      1. Leave Dates – We recommend using the Cessation Date as both the Start Date and End Date.
        1. If you do not wish to enter Leave Dates for Termination / Cessation Pay Rates, please read* here
      2. Schedule 7 – Marginal Tax Calculation – Enter the Employee’s normal Pay Period taxable earnings. If you are unsure which earnings amount to enter into this alert, please contact your Accountant / Bookkeeper for advice.IT IS VITAL THAT THE AMOUNT RECORDED IS AS ACCURATE AS POSSIBLE AS THIS WILL AFFECT HOW TAX IS CALCULATED FOR THIS FINAL PAY. For more information, please visit the ATO here.
    2. If a Cessation / Termination Pay Types is selected, an alert will be displayed for you to enter the relevant Payment Type Code For more information, please visit the ATO here
  6. Select Pending or OK to save all changes.
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Last modified: Jan 31, 2023