If your Company is not already open, Open your Company

Once your Company is open;

  1. Click File > Edit > Preferences > User Access or
    Click File > Company > Users / Passwords.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter the User Name as provided by your Employee.
    User name is limited to 40 characters.
  4. Enter the Position of the Employee assigned to this User Account.
    Position is limited to 25 characters.
  5. Click Set next to Password to enter and confirm the password for this User Account.
    Password is limited to 15 characters and is case sensitive.
  6. Allow the Employee to enter their Password in both Password and Confirm Password then click OK.
  7. Select the Level for this User Account.
    At minimum, One (1) Supervisor (Full Access) User Access Account MUST be established.
    1. Supervisor (Full Access)
    2. User (Restricted Access): Full Add, Edit and View functionality with exception to
      1. Changing Tax Tables.
      2. Accessing Employee Cessation (Termination) Information.
      3. Accessing Passwords.
      4. Adding or Deleting Companies.
      5. Changing YTD Balances, Accruals and Superannuation Start Date. 
      6. Changing Trading Names, and Registration Keys.
    3. User (Custom Level) – If selected, Customer User Settings can be selected from the window displayed.
      1. Add: Add selected items.
      2. Edit: Edit selected items.
      3. View: ONLY able to VIEW selected items and will be unable to add or edit.
  8. Select which Companies the User can access by ticking the checkbox next to each Company or Trading Name.
  9. Select the Default Company to open on Load for this User.
  10. Click Save then Exit.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2022