Practice Company - Company Information

  • Company information
    • Legal Entity Name (Company Name): The Legal Entity Name as displayed on the Australian Business Register (ABR) which will be printed on all Pay Slips and Payment Summaries.
    • Full Company Name (Payer name): Unable to be edited or changed. Scheduled to be removed from Version 19.
    • Address: Physical or Postal address of the organisation.
    • City/Suburb: Location of the organisation.
    • State: State of the organisation.
    • Postcode: Postcode of the organisation.
    • Country: Country of the organisation.
    • Phone Number: Main contact number.
    • Fax Number: Facsimile number.
    • e-Mail Address : Main e-Mail Address.
    • ACN or ARBN: Australian Company Number or Australian Registered Body Number.
    • ABN / WPN: Australian Business Number or Withholding payer number.
    • Branch Number: The unique Branch Number assigned to this Company (When the registered Company has more than one office trading in different locations).
    • Established / Start Up Date: When the Company was first established or first started trading.
    • Installation Date: Date e-PayDay® was installed.
  • Company Registration Key
    Each company in e-PayDay® must be registered either before any pay runs can be performed (unless using e-PayDay FREEPAY®). If the Company is NOT registered, you can still set up Awards, Pay Types, Super Funds and Employees.
    • Register: Once all the required Company Information has been entered and saved, click Register to email or print the Company Registration Form.
      e-PayDay Administration will then respond to your email with a Company Registration Key so you may activate your software.
  • Company Logo
    The maximum size for the Company Logo is 290px x 110px.
    • Delete: Delete your previously uploaded Company Logo.
    • Add: Add your Company Logo.
  • Company System Information
    • This Company’s Data Folder is: Location of data stored for the currently open Company.
    • Go To Folder: Opens the location of data stored for the currently open Company.
    • This Company’s Position is: The Company number (1, 2, 3 etc.) will be automatically allocated by e-PayDay®.
Revision: 33
Last modified: 2020/03/18


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