e-PayDay FREEPAY® Skip Steps 2, 11 and 12.
e-PayDay Hosted® Skip Steps 1 and 2.

  1. Read here to download and install e-PayDay®.
  2. Read here to enter your Software Serial Number (SSN) and load your Licence,
  3. Read here to add your Company,
  4. Read here to add your Employees Awards & Agreements (Rates, Rules and Employment Conditions)
  5. Read here to add your Employees Superannuation Funds
  6. Read here to add ALL Employees that need to be reported using Single Touch Payroll, even if they have ceased employment.
  7. Read here to enter Accrual Balances.
  8. Read here to enter ALL YTD Information that is required for STP reporting.
  9. Read here to create a back up of your e-PayDay® Data,
  10. Read here to commence STP reporting by registering with SuperChoice.
  11. Read here to set up your information for Single Touch Payroll Reporting.
  12. Read here to send an STP Update to the ATO,
  13. Read here, to register your Company or Companies,
  14. Read here to enter your Company Registration Key/s,
  15. Read here to commence processing pay runs.
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Last modified: Feb 02, 2022