The ability to include a holding account for Tax (PAYG) will only be available if your Primary Payment Method is set to FAST-Bank™.

If your Company is not already open, Open your Company

Once your Company is open;

  1. Click File > Edit then Banking or
    Click File > Company > Banking Information / FAST-Bank™
  2. Navigate to Holding Accounts for Gross PAYG and SG.
    1. Select Tax (PAYG).
    2. BSB: Enter the BSB (Bank, State, Branch) for the Bank Account.
    3. Account Number: Enter the Bank Account Number.
    4. Account Name: Enter the name on the Bank Account.
    5. Reference: Enter the Reference to display on the Organisations Bank Statement.
    6. A/C Type: Enter S for Savings or T for Transaction.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Exit.

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Last modified: 2020/03/06


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