1. Click Pay Types > New Deduction or
    Click Pay Types from the Side Bar, Navigate to Pay Type, click on the drop-down menu and change to Deduction then click New.
  2. Enter Salary Sacrifice (Other Benefit) * into *Description.
  3. Select Deducted by
    1. Per Lump Sum
    2. Per Month
    3. Per Pay Period
    4. Per Week
  4. Either enter the Amount ( $ or % ) if this Deduction is for a specific employee or select Variable Deduction Amounts from Employees and leave Amount ($ or %) blank if you wish to use this deduction for multiple employees.
  5. Leave STP Code as Not Set
  6. Select DO NOT Itemise this Deduction for reporting to the ATO in Tax Treatment.
  7. Select Salary Sacrifice (Deduct BEFORE Tax is calculated)
  8. If required, select FBT.
    1. Select the relevant Factor and Type.
  9. Select Save then Exit.
  10. Add the Deduction to the required Employee to load every pay run.
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Last modified: Mar 11, 2022