1. If you MANUALLY ENTER the payroll information into your Accounting Software and DO NOT export any information from e-PayDay®
    1. Select Exit.
    2. Click Utilities > Clear OEM Value.
    3. Navigate back to Pay Day and click Post
  2. If you export to ANY OTHER Accounting Solution and wish to select a permanent path change or to locate the current inaccessible export path.
    1. Select Exit
    2. Click File > Accounting Export (e-Port™) > Configure Accounting Data Export File.
    3. Navigate to Select where you want the export file to be saved… and write down the displayed location.
      1. Ensure the drive/path you have set for your Accounting Export is accessible
        1. If the path is accessible, navigate back to Pay Day and click Post.
        2. If the path is not accessible and needs to be updated,
          1. If you would simply like to reset the path to the default (which is your selected Install path, eg. C:\e-PayDay BE).
          2. Otherwise,Click Browse….
          3. Select the new location that you wish to create the export to.
          4. If required, rename the Accounting Export file.
          5. Click Save then Exit.
          6. Navigate back to Pay Day and click Post.
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Last modified: Nov 18, 2019