1. Download and complete the Payroll Awards Table.csv Import File.
    1. How do I complete the Payroll Awards Table Import File?
  2. Click File > Accounting Export (e-Port™) > Import Data.
  3. Select Payroll Awards Table from the Select Database Table… drop-down menu.
  4. Select the following Available Database Fields, clicking  >>Add>> between selecting each item below.
    1. AnnualLeaveWeeks (Number (Single))
    2. AnnualLeaveYearly (Number (Single))
    3. AwardDays (Number (Single))
    4. AwardHours (Number (Single))
    5. AwardRate (Number (Double))
    6. AwardClassDBID (Number (Integer))
    7. Description (Text, 75)
    8. LeaveLoading (Yes/No)
    9. LongServiceAfterXX (Number (Single))
    10. LongServiceWeeks (Number (Single))
    11. LongServiceYearly (Number (Double))
    12. NoSuperOverMonthDollar (Number (Currency))
    13. Salary (Number (Currency))
    14. SalSac (Yes/No)
    15. SickLeaveFirstYearDays (Number (Single))
    16. SickLeaveFirstYear (Number (Single))
    17. SickLeaveDays (Number (Single))
    18. SickLeaveYearly (Number (Single))
    19. SuperAmount (Text, 8)
    20. Type (Text, 1)
  5. Once all the Database Fields are added to Import Field Order, click Browse.
  6. Choose the location to import the Employees Banking details from (e.g. CSV on USB STICK or EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE).
  7. Click Open.
  8. Click Save if you wish to automatically load this location for future imports OR Click Don’t Save to manually select a different location for each import.
  9. Navigate to Import into Database;
    1. Select Clear Table then Add to add the new records after clearing (deletes ALL information stored in) the existing database.
    2. Select Append to Table to add the new records to an existing database without deleting any information stored in) the existing database.
  10. Click Settings.
    1. Under Fields, select Field Name Header and No Delimiter.
    2. Under Field Separator, select Comma.
    3. Under Date Order, select DD/MM/YYYY.
  11. Click OK.
  12. To begin importing, click Import.
  13. Once the Import has completed, click to continue then Exit.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021