1. Step 1: Establish your Account
    1. Access SuperChoice’s website here to register.
    2. Enter the ABN of the first Company you wish to register for STP Reporting.
    3. Enter the E-mail Address you would like to use for your Account.
    4. Retype the E-mail Address in Confirm Email.
    5. Select I’m not a robot.
    6. Click Continue.
    7. Tick Yes, I am authorised.
    8. Tick Agree.
    9. Enter or select the following information,
      1. Postal Address Line 1
      2. Postal Address Line 2
      3. Postal address Suburb
      4. Postal Address State
      5. Postal Address Post Code
      6. Telephone
      7. Your Company Representative’s Title (eg. Mr)
      8. Your Company Representative’s First Name
      9. Your Company Representative’s Last Name
      10. Your Company Representative’s Position
      11. Username, being your E-mail Address
    10. Click Continue
    11. Check the displayed details are correct.
    12. Tick I have read and agree to the SuperChoice STP Terms and Conditions after downloading and reading the document.
    13. Click Submit Registration.
  2. Step 2: Choose your own Password
    1. Once you have received the Thank you for registering as an employer e-mail, click Log in.
    2. Enter your Username into Username
    3. Enter a NEW Password into New Password.
    4. Enter the same NEW Password in Confirm Password.
    5. Click Change Password
    6. A verification code will be sent to you, so we recommend to have your e-mails / inbox open.
    7. Once you have received the Your temporary verification code e-mail, copy the displayed verification code.
    8. Navigate back to the Customer Dashboard and enter the copied verification code.
    9. Click Verify.
    10. Once your password has been successfully changed, the dashboard will load.
    11. Close this window, unless you process payroll or multiple ABN’s.
      1. Now that your account is established, follow our instructions here to set your Electronic Transfer Option to STP (SuperChoice) and enter your Company information.
  3. Step 3: Add any other ABN’s you process payroll for
    1. If you process payroll for multiple ABN’s, click Maintain Employers,
    2. Click Add Employer.
    3. Under Employer Details, enter or select the following information,
      1. The Legal Entity Name (Company Name) into Employer Name.
      2. ABN.
      3. Branch Code in Location
      4. Your Company Representative’s Title (eg. Mr)
      5. Your Company Representative’s Given Name
      6. Your Company Representative’s Family Name
      7. Telephone or Mobile Phone.
      8. Address Line 1
      9. Address Line 2
      10. Address Line 3
      11. Address Line 4
      12. Suburb
      13. Post Code
      14. State
      15. Country
    4. Click Save to complete the setup process.
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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021