1. Click Employees > New Employee Wizard or
    Click Employees from the Side Bar then click New (Wand Icon).
  2. Click Next.
  3. Select Foreign Employee in Payee Type.
  4. Enter the Employees
    1. Surname.
    2. Given Names.
    3. Alternate Name (If the employee is known as any other name)
    4. Address.
    5. Suburb/City.
  5. Select the State.
  6. Enter the Post Code.
  7. Select the Country.
  8. Enter the Birthdate.
  9. Select the Gender (Sex).
  10. Click Next.
  11. Select the Pay Period.
  12. Enter the Date Hired
  13. Enter or select the Job Title.
  14. Select the Award #.
  15. Click Next.
  16. Select the Superannuation Fund.
  17. Enter the
    1. SG ( % or $ ).
    2. SG Start Date.
    3. Employee Super Number.
  18. Click Next.
  19. Change Medicare LevySpecial Tax TableTax Free Threshold and Are you an Australian resident for taxation purposes? if required.
  20. Select HELP Debt or Financial Supplement Debt if required.
  21. Navigate to Payee TFN.
  22. Click Edit (Pencil Icon).
  23. Enter the Employees TFN – If the Employee has not provided you with a TFN, please use a Unique Tax File Number.
  24. Click Next.
  25. Navigate to Pay Location/Department.
  26. Select the Pay Location/Department from the drop-down menu or add a new Pay Location/Department.
  27. Navigate to Payment Method.
  28. Select FAST-Bank™, ListPay, Deposit, Cheque or Cash. This setting will be identical to Banking in Company).
    If Cheque or Cash are is chosen, there are no additional fields required therefore skip to Step 38.
  29. Click Edit (Pencil Icon).
  30. Click New.
  31. Enter the 
    1. Priority No. If the Employees Pay is only being distributed to one Bank Account, Priority No. will be 1.
    2. Amount ( $ or % ) being paid to this bank account. If the Employees Pay is only being distributed to one Bank Account, Amount will be 100%.
    3. BSB.
    4. Account Number.
    5. Reference to show on the Employees Bank Statement.
    6. Account Name.
  32. Click Save.
  33. Repeat Steps 32 – 35 to add multiple Bank Accounts, changing the Priority No. and Amount ($ or %) as necessary.
  34. Click Exit.
  35. Click Next.
  36. Enter a Contact Phone Number.
  37. Enter an e-Mail Address for e-Mailing Pay Slips, Payment Summaries and Single Touch Payroll Reporting. Learn more about Single Touch Payroll here.
  38. Click Save.
  39. If you wish to add another employee, select Yes then click Next to continue. Repeat the above process until each employee is added or
    If you do not wish to add any other employees, select No then click Finished to Exit.
  40. If applicable, enter existing Accrual Balances and enter existing Taxation Balances, otherwise skip this step.
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Last modified: Oct 18, 2021