As e-PayDay Legacy does not include the ability to process a Missed Pay Run, this type of correction is completed by either

  1. Rolling back to before the ‘issue’ occurred, entering the missing employee/s, posting the pay run and re-entering any pay runs which have been removed by rolling back
  2. Manually adjust the Employees’ YTD Taxation & Superannuation Balances.

Depending on how long ago the issue occurred and how many employees are included in each pay run processed, it may be more suitable to manually adjust the relevant Employees Balances rather than rolling back.

Option 1 – Roll back, enter the missing information, then re-add the removed information from rolling back

  1. Print the recommended Reports
  2. Rollback to the pay run where the ‘issue’ occurred.
  3. Add the missing payees to the pay run
  4. Preview, re-print or re-export the UPDATED Pay Run Reports.
  5. Re-print, export or e-Mail your Pay Slips
  6. Finalise the Pay Run.
  7. Re-enter all other pay runs which were removed by rolling back.

Option 2 – Manually adjust the Employees’ YTD Taxation & Superannuation Balances.

  1. Manually adjust Employees Year To Date Taxation Balances
  2. Edit existing Accrual Balances
  3. Contact your Accountant/Bookkeeper as STP Reporting prefills your BAS/ITW – W1 and W2.
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Last modified: Jun 06, 2023