e-Cost™ is an ideal and simple solution for those situations when an employee works in multiple areas during the Pay Period, and costs are required by the employer for each separate area. e-Cost™ can be used where an employee works over multiple departments (Sales, Administration and Support) and the hours worked in each department must be separated for costing and reporting. e-Cost™ can also be used where an employee works on different Jobs throughout the Pay Period and costings are required for these projects.

Cost Centres are assigned to an Employees once added so they load automatically during a pay run and include GL Account Codes and Job Cost Codes for exporting to your Accounting Software. New Cost Centres can be added and existing Cost Centres can also be amended during a pay run. A number of Reports are available to be printed or exported in many different formats.

Access to Cost Centres (e-Cost™) is available through the File Menu, the sidebar (under Extensions > e-Cost™) and during a Pay Run.


The e-Cost™ Cost Centres window contains the following options;

  • New: Set up a new Cost Centre.
  • Edit: Edit an existing Cost Centre.
  • Clear: Clear any unsaved changes.
  • Update: Updates ALL the past Cost Centre Payments for all the Cost Centres using their current Primary Cost Centre.
  • Undo: Undo any unsaved changes.
  • Save: Save a new Cost Centre or save changes to an existing Cost Centre.
  • Exit: Close Cost Centres (e-Cost™).
  • Quickly and easily view the Cost Centre
    • ID
    • Abbreviation
    • Description
    • Active/Inactive setting
  • Display only Active and/or Inactive Cost Centres.
  • Sort by Number, Abbreviation or Description.
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Last modified: Mar 18, 2020