• Report Name: Allowances YTD ATO Summary
  • Example: Preview an example of the Allowances YTD ATO Summary Report here
  • Use: The Allowances YTD ATO Summary Report is designed to display all allowances displayed separately in the Allowance Box on the Payment Summary.
  • Details:
    • Employee Code
    • Employee Name
    • Pay Location
    • Allowance Description
    • Report To
    • Total Allowances displayed separately in the Allowance Box
  • Report Selection Criteria: The following Report Selection Criteria is available for the Allowances YTD ATO Summary Report.
    • Pay Period
      • All
      • Fortnightly
      • Monthly
      • Weekly
    • Pay Location/Dept
      • All Pay Locations
      • Pay Location Not Available
      • Specific Location/s
      • Any Pay Locations/Departments you have added will be listed
    • Report by
      • Active Employees
      • All Employees
      • Inactive Employee/s
      • Selected Employee/s
      • Terminated Employee/s
    • Report Period
      • This option is locked and unavailable for selection.
    • Sort Criteria
      • Employee Code
      • Employee DBID
      • Employee Surname
      • NONE
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Last modified: Apr 16, 2019


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