1. Click Pay Types > New Allowance or
    Click Pay Types from the Side Bar, Navigate to Pay Type, click on the drop-down menu and change to Allowance then click New.
  2. Enter the Description.
  3. Select Paid by.
    1. Per Day
    2. Per Hour
    3. Per Kilometre
    4. Per Lump Sum
    5. Per Month
    6. Per Pay Period
    7. Per Unit
    8. Per Unit – Punnet
    9. Per Week
  4. Enter the Amount ( $ or % ).
  5. Select the Tax Treatment. Please obtain advice from your Accountant/Bookkeeper or the ATO to select the appropriate Tax Treatment.
    1. Non-Reportable (The ATO publishes an annual Ruling that set out the reasonable allowances amounts)
    2. Show Allowance in Gross Payment box
    3. Show Allowance separately in Allowance box
    4. Show Allowance separately in Allowance box and tax the allowance at the Rate detailed in the Notice of Variation
      1. Please visit Withholding for allowances on the ATO’s website for assistance with selecting the correct option.
  6. Select the STP Code.
    1. Car
    2. Transport
    3. Laundry
    4. Meals
    5. Travel
    6. Other
  7. If required, change the following fields.
    1. Tax
      1. Taxable
      2. Include in W1
      3. Payroll Tax
    2. Reporting
      1. Report to
    3. Accruals
      1. Superannuation (OTE)
      2. TIL (Time in Lieu)
      3. Contributes to $450.00 Rule
      4. Union/Professional association
  8. Click Save then Exit.
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Last modified: Nov 21, 2019


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