Reports allow you to print, preview and export your Payroll Information.

  • Go To: Quickly change between All Reports, Super Reports, Pay Run Reports and Deduction Reports windows.
  • Preview: Preview the selected report/s.
  • Export PDF: Export the selected Report/s.
  • Export CSV: Currently only available for Employee Masterfile.
  • Print: Print the selected Report.
  • e-Mail: Currently only available for Deduction Payee Contributions Statement (Non-Super) (e-mail) and SG Contributions Statement (e-mail)
  • Configure: Limit which reports are displayed for selection.
  • Exit: Close the Reports window.
  • Report Selection Criteria: Reports can be limited/sorted by the selection criteria.
  • Show available Reports: View only Active or Inactive Reports.
  • Batch Reports: Create a batch of reports which can be loaded every time is it required.
    • New Batch: Create a new batch of reports
    • Delete Batch: Delete an existing batch of reports.
    • Save: Save a new batch of reports or to save changes to an existing batch of reports.
    • Undo: Undo any unsaved changes.
    • Exit Batch Mode: Exit batch mode

Currently, the following reports are available;

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Last modified: Feb 15, 2021