Practice Company - User Access

When setting up User Access within e-PayDay®, please ensure that each user has access to at least one (1) Company, at least one (1) User Access Account is set up as a Supervisor (Level 1) and the Usernames Admin, Administrator or Administration are not used - These are e-PayDay’s reserved logins and will not accept any password, should you create a User entitled Admin.

  • User Access Settings
    • User Name: Name of the Users Account Login.
    • Position: The employment position for the employee of the Users Account.
    • Password: Displayed, but encrypted.
    • Level
      • Supervisor (Full Access).
      • User (Restricted Access): Full Add, Edit and View functionality with exception to
        • Changing Tax Tables.
        • Accessing Employee Termination Information.
        • Accessing Passwords.
        • Adding or Deleting Companies.
        • Changing YTD Balances, Accruals and Superannuation Start Date. 
        • Changing Trading Names, and Registration Keys.
      • User (Custom Level): Ability to define what the User Account can Add, Edit or View.
    • Companies: ID of each Company the User Account has access to.
    • Default: ID of the Company which is automatically loaded when this User Account logs in.
    • Setup User
      • New: Set up a new User Access Account.
      • Edit: Edit an existing User Access Account.
      • Delete: Delete an existing User Access Account.
      • Save: Save a new User Access Account or to save changes to an existing User Access Account.
      • Undo: Undo any unsaved changes.
      • User Name: User Name for the new account or existing account.
      • Position: The employment position of this person. 
      • Password: When Set is clicked, the ability to set ad confirm the password is active.
        Password is limited to 15 characters and is case sensitive.
      • Level
        • Supervisor (Full Access).
        • User (Restricted Access)
        • User (Custom Level): If selected, custom User Settings can be selected from the window displayed.
          • Add: Add selected items.
          • Edit: Edit selected items.
          • View: ONLY be able to VIEW selected items and will be unable to add or edit.
      • Company/s to allow Access to: Company/s that this user requires access to.
      • Default Company: Company that automatically loads when the software is opened.

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Last modified: May 24, 2022