The Pay Slip XML Export has been designed for integration with 3rd parties who wish to consume the pay run information (eg. Employee Self Service and Online HR Services). The data can be imported, constructed and displayed by the end user in any format they require.

Pay Slip XML Export Specification
File TypeXML (eXtensible Markup Language).
Folder: When the pay run is posted, EXPORT.XML will be created in the applicable company data folder.
Action to create file: The EXPORT.XML will be automatically created each time a pay run is posted. Each consecutive pay run that is posted will overwrite this file.
Example XML from the Practice Company

Information contained in EXPORT.XML

  1. Pay Slip Information
    1. Finalised Pay Run Database ID
    2. Paytotals Database ID
    3. Number of days payslip covers
    4. Number of pay periods the payslip covers
  2. Company Information
    1. Company Database ID
    2. Company Name
    3. Company ABN
  3. Employee Information
    1. Employee Database ID
    2. Employee Code
    3. Employee Surname + Firstname + Othername
    4. Employee Pay Location
    5. Employee Tax Classification
    6. Employee address line 1
    7. Employee address line 2
    8. Employee address post code
    9. Employee address city, town, suburb
    10. Employee address state, territory
    11. Employee address country code
  4. Superannuation Details
    1. Super Guarantee Database ID
    2. Super Guarantee Fund Number
    3. Super Guarantee Fund Name
    4. Super Member Contributions Database ID
    5. Super Member Contributions Fund Number
    6. Super Member Contributions Fund Name
  5. Award Information
    1. Award Database ID
    2. Award Name
    3. Award Classification
  6. Pay Run Dates
    1. Payment Date
    2. Period Ending Date
    3. Posting Date
    4. Date Last Paid
  7. Period to Date Totals
    1. Salary Sacrifice
    2. Non Super Salary Sacrifice
    3. Super Guarantee
    4. Gross
    5. Deductions
    6. Tax
    7. Net
    8. HELP (HECS)
    9. Additional Tax
  8. Year to Date Totals
    1. Super Guarantee Paid
    2. Salary Sacrifice
    3. Non Super Salary Sacrifice
    4. Super Guarantee
    5. Gross
    6. Deductions
    7. Tax
    8. Net
    9. HELP (HECS)
    10. Additional Tax
  9. Leave Balances
    1. Annual Leave
    2. Personal (Sick) Leave
    3. Rostered Day Off
    4. Long Service Leave
    5. Time in Lieu
  10. Pay Type Information
    1. Pay Type Database ID
    2. Pay Type Name
    3. Pay Type Quantity
    4. Pay Type Rate
    5. Pay Type Total
  11. Deduction Information
    1. Deduction Database ID
    2. Deduction Name
    3. Deduction Total
    4. Tax Database ID
  12. Tax Information
    1. Tax Name
    2. Tax Total
  13. Banking Information
    1. Payment Code
    2. Payment Code ID
    3. Payment Bank State Branch
    4. Payment Bank Account Number
    5. Payment Bank Account Name
    6. Payment Reference
    7. Payment Total
Revision: 10
Last modified: Feb 15, 2021


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