1. Visit our Software Support Services website here
  2. Once the webpage loads, select Support Requests in Category
  3. Select the Days Available for assistance.
  4. Enter the Time available until (AEST) for assistance.
  5. Enter your Contact Name
  6. Enter your Telephone Number
  7. Select the Priority
    1. Pay Run if this request is preventing the pay run from being processed.
    2. Important if this request needs to be attended to urgently.
    3. Normal if this request is not Important
    4. Low if this request does not require a timely response.
  8. Enter your Company Name in Subject
  9. In Message, enter as much information as possible.
  10. Click Add CC to add an additional e-mail address to this request.
  11. Click Add BCC to add an additional blind e-mail address to this request.
  12. Click Attach a file to attach documents or screen captures to this request.
  13. Enter your name in Full Name
  14. Enter your e-mail address in Email
  15. Enter your Software Client Number (SCN) in Software Client Number (SCN), which can be located by reading here
  16. Select your state in State/Location.
  17. Click Create Ticket.
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Last modified: Jun 16, 2020