1. Click Help > Request a new feature
  2. Once the webpage loads, select Wish & Feature Request List in Category
  3. Leave Priority as Normal.
  4. Enter your Company Name and Contact Name in Subject
  5. Provide as much detail as possible in Message.
    1. Click Add CC to add an additional e-mail address to this Feature request.
    2. Click Add BCC to add an additional blind e-mail address to this Feature request.
    3. Click Attach a file to attach documents or screen captures to this Feature request.
  6. Enter your name in Full Name
  7. Enter your e-mail address in Email
  8. Enter your Software Client Number (SCN) in Software Client Number (SCN).
    1. What is my Software Client Number (SCN)?
  9. Enter your preferred contact person (within your organization) in Name of the person you’d like us to contact.
  10. Enter your preferred contact phone number in Phone number for the person you’d like us to contact.
  11. Select your state in State.
  12. Enter the Version of e-PayDay® that you are running in What is the Version of e-PayDay® you are using?
    1. How do I check what version of e-PayDay® I am using?
  13. Click Create Ticket.
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