1. Click File > Accounting Export (e-Port™) > Import Data.
  2. Select the required Database Table from the Select Database Table… drop-down menu.
    1. Payroll Awards Table
    2. Payroll Super Funds Table
    3. Payroll Pay Types Paid By Table
    4. Payroll Allowance Reports Report To Table
    5. Payroll Deduction Reports Report To Table
    6. Payroll Pay Types Table
    7. Payroll Cost Centres Table
    8. Payroll Job Titles Table
    9. Payroll Locations Table
    10. Employee UserDefinedLables Table
    11. Employee Employees Table
    12. Employee Banking Table
    13. Employee Contacts Table
    14. Payroll Employee Cost Centre Table
    15. Employee EmpLeave Table
    16. Employee FBT Types Table
    17. Employee FBT Table
    18. Employee Termination Warnings Table
    19. Payroll Messages Table
    20. Payroll Reminder Table
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Last modified: Mar 03, 2020


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