1. Note the Employees who are receiving the error.
  2. Print the Employee Listing report.
    1. Click Reports > Print Reports or
      Click Reports from the side bar.
    2. Navigate to Search.
    3. Enter Employee Listing.
    4. Select Employee Listing
    5. Click Print
    6. Locate the required Employees DBID.
  3. Delete the incorrect temporary files
    1. Click File > Company > Go To Folder.
    2. Minimise this window and navigate back to e-PayDay®.
    3. Close e-PayDay®.
    4. Re-maximise the minimized window.
    5. Locate the appropriate *.tot and *.run files to delete
      1. The error is displayed in Employee 1025 whose DBID is 25. Locate and delete any 25.tot and 25.run files.
    6. Repeat this process for all Employees who are receiving the error.
  4. Reopen e-PayDay® and attempt to process their pay again.
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Last modified: Nov 12, 2019