1. Click Tax > STP > Start e-PayDay BE SBR2 Client (STP).
    1. If There is a problem loading the transaction data. Please contact e-PayDay Support displays, read here
  2. SBR2 will display all submissions waiting to be sent to the ATO, previous submissions that the ATO may have responded to, the Company Name that the file is for and the unique ID for the transaction.
    1. Send is displayed when an STP event has been created BUT not yet sent via SBR2
    2. Waiting is displayed once the file has been sent to the ATO, and a response could be available.
  3. Click Next then Action to send your data to the ATO.
  4. You will receive a message advising that The ATO has received your data, but not yet responded. Please try again later.
    1. If there are any issues with your submission, they will be displayed in this window, for example
      1. Invalid Username and Password, read here
      2. Error 400, read here
      3. The client you transmitted is not associated with the agent number you supplied and cannot be authorised, read here
      4. The submission has failed validation, read here
  5. Once your submission has been sent, click Next.
  6. If there are any previous submissions that are still WAITING for a response, click Next then Action to receive the response from the ATO,
  7. Once you have progressed through all of your SEND and WAITING Submissions, click Exit.
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Last modified: Jul 21, 2020