e-PayDay Hosted® Skip Step 1.

  1. Download and Install the latest e-PayDay® Upgrade here then
  2. Read here to deactivate any Allowances and Deductions that you do not use.
  3. Read here to ensure you have posted all Pay Runs that may be currently active,
  4. Register with our Sending Service Provider (SSP), SuperChoice, here.
  5. Read here to set your Electronic Transfer Option to STP (SuperChoice) and enter your Company information.
    1. Read here to allocate STP Codes to each of your Allowances and Deductions.
    2. Read here to perform an update for your Employees Allowance and Deduction YTD STP Balances
    3. Read here to review your Employees Allowance and Deduction YTD STP Balances to ensure they updated correctly.
  7. Read here to run an STP Health Check to ensure there are no issues with your Employees.
  8. Read here to advise the ATO of all Employees Year to Date balances that have not been reported yet under STP.

Once you have completed ALL of the above steps, Single Touch Payroll reporting will be enabled!
To continue reporting, it’s as simple as processing your pays to report your information to the ATO following our Pay Run procedure here.

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Last modified: Apr 10, 2020