The Deduction Payee List enables the user to pay the deductions. Each time a Deduction pay type is added, a new entry will be recorded in the Deduction Payee List. All deduction pay types which ‘report to’ the same report will be linked to a single payee in the list.

Access to Deduction Payees is available through the Pay Types Menu.

The Deduction Payees List Window contains the following options;

  • New: Add a new Deduction Payee.
  • Edit: Edit an existing Deduction Payee.
  • Search: Search and Replace Deduction Payee Information.
  • Select All: Select all Deduction Payees.
  • Pay Deduction: Record your Deduction Payees payment.
  • Reports: Print Deduction Reports.
  • Exit: Close the Deduction Payees List Window.
  • Quickly and easily view the Deduction Payee

The Deduction Payee window contains the following options;

  • Payee Details: The Deduction information is entered in this section.
  • Payment Details: Payment Method and Period Start Date.
  • Payment History: Transactions will be recorded in this window when the Deduction is marked as paid.
  • Home Page: The Deductions Website will be opened in an internet browser if the Home Page (URL) is completed.
  • Help: Opens the relevant section of our online guide (this).
  • Edit: Edit any existing details.
  • Undo: Undo any unsaved changes.
  • Save: Save changes to an existing Deduction Payee.
  • Exit: Close Deduction Payees.
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Last modified: Jun 01, 2020